Apervita Launches Service to Ensure Secure Sharing of Patient Health Information Between Hospitals, Health Plans and Patients

June 18, 2020

New Offering Helps Healthcare Organizations Comply With Federal Government Regulations Related to Interoperability and Information Blocking


Apervita, a trusted technology leader in healthcare collaboration for payers, providers and other stakeholders, today announced the launch of its Interoperability and Data-Sharing service offering.

Earlier this year, CMS and the Office of National Coordinator (ONC) announced interoperability and information blocking regulations that ensure every American can easily access their health information. One such regulation, the Patient Access API, requires health plans to provide patient data to third-party applications used by patients such as Apple Health Records and CommonHealth (for Android phones). Meeting this regulation requires health plans to send data utilizing a HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) API, a costly and time-consuming endeavor to build internally. Leveraging Apervita’s existing multi-tenant and multi-affiliate platform technology not only meets interoperability compliance regulations, but also supports additional data-sharing needs, saving industry stakeholders the resources it would require developing themselves.

Apervita’s interoperability and data collaboration offering empowers payers, providers and vendors to easily build up their own trusted networks over time, which reduces burden and allows for automated data transactions. Apervita’s platform currently supports more than 2,500 hospitals, with the ability to upload data related to quality measures for accreditation. This has saved the industry a realized or projected savings of $20,000 to $50,000 per participating healthcare organization per year. Additionally, Apervita’s platform has been leveraged by some of the nation’s leading health plans to bring efficiency to the management of performance for value-based contracts. With this new offering, Apervita is committed to bringing that same level of efficiency and simplicity to support interoperability in the industry.

“Apervita’s platform architecture is built to meet the complex needs of interoperability and data-sharing,” said Michael Oltman, chief technology officer at Apervita. “Our proven technology provides our customers with unparalleled security and control and meets a wide range of data-sharing use cases, such as meeting government mandates, electronic case reporting, quality programs and expanding data monetization programs.”

Apervita’s platform not only allows payers, providers and application vendors to share data, but applications as well. Apervita’s offering provides the flexibility to choose modules that best suit the customer’s data-sharing and compliance needs. Apervita’s initial set of modules include: API build, management and compliance, patient authentication and access management, and transaction management and reporting. Additionally, all clients are protected by Apervita’s Deep Encryption™ security, which encrypts data at the PHI field level and returns control of the data to the customer with Bring-Your-Own-Key (BYOK) technology.

“The new regulations from CMS and ONC represent a major milestone for the nation’s healthcare system,” said Kevin Hutchinson, CEO of Apervita. “Instead of being greeted with endless forms and a pen that’s out of ink, patients will arrive at their doctor’s office, hospital or clinic confident in the knowledge that their health records are already there. That said, there is much work to be done as this is not as simple as plugging into the FHIR standard. For most health plans and providers this will be a heavy lift that they need to begin planning for now. At Apervita, we stand ready to assist with healthcare experts and technology that will enable seamless, secure sharing of health records between health plans, providers and their members and patients.”

About Apervita
Apervita is the trusted healthcare collaboration platform for quality improvement, value-based contract administration and interoperability. We empower payers and providers and other stakeholders to more efficiently and effectively measure clinical and financial performance, improve clinical quality and administer value-based contracts. By providing an independent, secure, trusted platform to perform shared analyses, Apervita uniquely allows stakeholders to gain mutual, continuous clinical and financial insights and integrate those insights in various systems and workflows simultaneously and at scale. Serving more than one in three hospitals in the United States and several nationally recognized health plans, Apervita conducts more than 10 billion value-based computations and insights for our clients every year. The company maintains office locations in Chicago and Boston.

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Vice President, Marketing, Apervita


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