FreightWaves and MerQube Announce Supply Chain Tech Index To Track Industry Leading Companies

September 13, 2022

FreightWaves and MerQube Announce Supply Chain Tech Index To Track Industry Leading Companies

Index is the first to track the financial performance of public companies that focus on driving innovation and growth in the critical global supply chain and logistics industry

September 13, 2022 09:05 ET | Source: FreightWaves

Chattanooga, TN, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. and NEW YORK, New York—September 13, 2022FreightWaves and MerQube today announced the launch of the MerQube FreightWaves Supply Chain Tech Index that will provide exposure to publicly traded global companies operating in the supply chain technology sector. This index is the first such index to track the financial performance of listed companies that are focused on driving innovation and growth in the critical supply chain and logistics industry. By providing transparency into the $9.6T global supply chain sector, FreightWaves and MerQube are helping investors, companies and industry analysts better allocate resources to confront the most pressing supply chain challenges.

FreightWaves and MerQube teamed up to develop the MerQube FreightWaves Supply Chain Tech Index to give participants the ability to monitor companies operating in the supply chain market and capture exposure through investment products linked to the index. The index will measure the performance of large and liquid global stocks identified by FreightWaves as best in class in delivering freight technology solutions from the following specific sectors: tech-enabled third-party logistics (3PL), logistics software, E-commerce logistics, and alternative energy/autonomous technology.

“When I founded FreightWaves five years ago, I saw that data visibility and transparency – long absent in the supply chain industry – were critical for businesses to be successful,” said Craig Fuller, Founder and CEO of FreightWaves. “The launch of the Supply Chain Tech Index is another chance for FreightWaves – working with MerQube – to build upon our commitment to getting our readers and data intelligence customers information about the companies that are fueling tremendous breakthroughs and growth in this vital global sector.”

“Combining FreightWaves’ unrivaled expertise in supply chain and logistics with MerQube’s cutting edge index calculation technology will enable investors to monitor and effectively target some of the most dynamic companies in the freight technology space,” said Roby Muntoni, Chief Commercial Officer, at MerQube. “We are thrilled to create a world class partnership that will bring innovation to a fast developing and vital sector.”

The MerQube FreightWaves Supply Chain Tech Index is rebalanced semi-annually from the universe of companies operating in supply chain technology, as identified by FreightWaves. Potential constituents are required to have a float market capitalization of at least $500 million and average daily trading value over the last six months of at least $3 million. The value of the indices are calculated daily. The indices include pure supply chain stocks (80% of the weighted average) and non-pure supply chain stocks (20% of the weighted average) for companies that have significant interests in other sectors.

Index levels are available on Bloomberg at MQFWSCTP and MQFWSCTT and Reuters at .MQFWSCTP and .MQFWSCTT. They are also available on the MerQube website at and through MerQube REST APIs. To access, receive, use, or distribute the indices or any related (historical) data, a subscription or license agreement with MerQube would be required. The index levels will also be available on the FreightWaves website at and to FreightWaves SONAR customers through the SONAR platform and associated APIs.

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the world’s leading supply chain intelligence platform. More than one million professionals and 500+ global enterprises use FreightWaves intelligence to make informed decisions about their current and future supply chain operations. FreightWaves provides supply chain organizations with fundamental data and context that help benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast activity, pricing and risks in the global freight market to help drive more accurate pricing, higher utilization of assets and lower emissions.

FreightWaves’ flagship SaaS product, SONAR, offers billions of data points on the global logistics industry, updated daily. The platform is used throughout the industry, by capacity providers and organizations that contract with capacity providers, to make more informed and efficient decisions about how to route, manage and forecast their supply chains.  FreightWaves is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a work-from-home first company. To learn more, visit


About MerQube

MerQube is an innovative technology provider offering design and calculation solutions for rules-based investment strategies and passive solutions. Launched in 2019 by a team of index industry veterans and technology experts, MerQube was created as a technology driven answer to the most complex rules-based investment strategies. MerQube today calculates a wide variety of strategies, ranging from defined outcome to volatility and risk control, from end-of-day to real-time calculations. MerQube’s capabilities extend to any rebalancing schedule, including intraday, and incorporate sophisticated TWAP and VWAP algorithms. For more information, please visit


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