Kollective: In the Age of Remote Working, a Third of US Businesses Still Communicate Using Posters

August 22, 2017

Workplace communications study highlights outdated corporate communications across the USA

BEND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite 3.7 million US employees now working from home at least half of the time, nearly a third (27%) of US employers are still using office posters to make important company announcements. That’s according to a new Generation Now report from Kollective, a leading provider of software-defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) solutions.

The Kollective study, carried out with more than 2,000 US and UK office workers, highlights that American employees feel drastically out of the loop when it comes to office communication. Nearly half of US employees (45%) say that they are not satisfied with the communication from their senior management team, and 62% say they would rather receive updates from their CEO face-to-face.

Today’s workers are faced with an average of 121 emails a day and hundreds of instant messages, meaning they spend roughly a third of their time sorting through irrelevant information. Even though workers are suffering from information overload, 79% of US businesses still communicate through mass emails, while 28% still use printed memos distributed across the office.

Commenting on the findings: Dan Vetras, CEO of Kollective, said: “More often than not, the lack of communication facing today’s businesses is not due to poor management, but rather poor infrastructure and an over-reliance on processes that don’t match the needs of modern workers. Today’s workforce is increasingly global, flexible and remote, as such traditional communications channels such as office posters and written memos simply aren’t appropriate.

“Instead, today’s employees are accustomed to using the latest communication technologies, expecting real-time updates, face-to-face interaction and video communication wherever they are in the world.”

To find out more about how today’s employees are expecting to communicate, or how the use of an Enterprise Content Delivery Network can support this effort, download the Kollective Generation Now report here.

About Kollective

The largest, most successful, global companies trust Kollective technology to power their Enterprise Live and On-Demand video delivery, serving millions of users worldwide. From its software-defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) to edge-related IT tools like Network Readiness Testing, Software Delivery and Network Analytics, Kollective drives a powerful ROI and makes the flexibility of software-defined networking a reality.


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