x.ai is an AI personal assistant that lets you use email to schedule meetings. You can delegate the tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting. All you have to do is CC amy@x.ai into your email thread just like you would a human personal assistant. Amy then takes over, so you can focus on more important tasks. The service does not require you to download yet another app, sign-up for yet another account or remember yet another password! Amy simply exists in the dialogue you have with her. Amy Ingram is artificial intelligence designed to understand natural language, and she will have human-like email dialogs with your guests to help schedule your meetings. She learns your personal scheduling preferences and negotiates date, time and location  on your terms. You can mentor Amy by simply emailing her your favorite coffee shop, conference bridge, Skype ID or not to do meetings on Wednesdays. Like any human personal assistant, the more you use Amy to schedule your meetings, the more familiar she is with your preferences and needs.

  • Initial Investment2014
  • SectorEnterprise
  • HeadquartersNew York, NY

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