Dave Habiger

Venture Partner

What in the world of tech do you find to be the most interesting?

I am increasingly intrigued by VR. It’s one of the few technologies I’ve experienced that is so unique that it is still hard to envision all of the ways it will impact our lives in the near future.

What is your motivation for helping entrepreneurs build companies?

I enjoy seeing people succeed and creating things.

What is one tactical piece of advice for entrepreneurs that is contrary to popular wisdom?

Revenue and profit matters….it is the mechanism society uses to measure your companies value, eye-balls and marketshare are not enough.

What do you consider your strongest quality to be?

I enjoy hard work and have always had an ability to identify talent, build teams and focus them on a common goal.

What is your life philosophy?

Life can’t be distilled down to a simple philosophy.


Dave Habiger began his career as a founder of Providence Productions, a media production company.  This quickly led to a passion for computer based tools and technologies that were starting to revolutionize media production in the early 90’s.

In 1992 Habiger began working with the founding members of Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC), later playing an important role in the company’s IPO.  As President and COO he organized and managed a global software development team, later becoming CEO.  Sonic enterprise software and technology helped launch multiple media formats and was awarded an Emmy for its contribution to the television industry.

As CEO of Sonic, Habiger leveraged his 15-year partnership with the Hollywood studios to help move the industry from DVD distribution to internet delivery of movies and TV shows, establishing a leadership role as one of the largest global providers of premium movies and TV shows via the Web and consumer electronic devices.

Since its IPO, Sonic generated over $1 billion dollars in revenue in the digital media category and was named one of Forbes, Fortune and Businesseeek’s Fastest Growing Companies on multiple occasions, ultimately leading to its sale to Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI).

Habiger later made an investment and took over as CEO of NDS, a leading provider of technology solutions for the digital pay-TV industry. With close to 6,000 employees worldwide, NDS provided the software to enable satellite and cable operators to reach their customers.  Shortly after NDS registered for an IPO on the NYSE, the company was acquired by Cisco for $5 billion.

In 2008, Habiger was chosen as one of Corporate Leader Magazine’s 40 under 40 business leaders and regularly appears as an industry expert on major media outlets including CNBC, CNN, Fox, The Street.Com and Bloomberg TV. Hollywood Reporter chose him as one of 2010’s Digital Power 50 and in 2011 Habiger was chosen as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Mr. Habiger is a director on numerous public and private boards, including the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the National Association of Corporate Directors, the Center for Corporate Innovation and the Advisory Board of the University of Chicago Center for Entrepreneurship. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St. Norbert College and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.


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