Gabe Greenbaum


How did you get into tech?

“In graduate school, I started a lead generation company that helped students find rental apartments. My co-founders and I launched a website and the company was profitable within weeks. I was hooked on how technology could disrupt business and service models.”

I’d describe myself as…..

“Let’s grab a coffee one on one, so we can get to know each other. Then you tell me what you think…”

What is the first piece of advice you tell all your portfolio companies?

“I’ll give you two that I immediately offer. First, the PGVC network is powerful, so make sure to leverage it. Second, please share all news with me – good or bad. Think of me as personal support on speed dial. We understand things don’t always go up and to the right. The more I know, in advance, the more the whole PGVC team can help you find a solution/resolution to the issue at hand.”

What is your life philosophy?

“Work hard, but don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Why do you come to work every day?

“I meet entrepreneurs daily that challenge me, and challenge the status quo of entire industries. I also work beside exceptionally talented and friendly colleagues, who truly want to help others in their entrepreneurial journey.”

How do you spend time away from work?

“Family time at parks or at the beach. Time with friends on the slopes, hiking, or trying a new restaurant.”

Gabe is a Partner with Pritzker Group Venture Capital, which he joined in 2012. He has led a number of the firm’s investments across enterprise software, marketplace technologies, machine learning and other emerging and enabling technologies. Companies include as, Hightower/VTS, Augury, Catalytic, AiCure, SightMachine, IrisVR, Project44 and Joymode. He has also supported investments in ViV, Upserve and Apervita.

His role expands on his entrepreneurial and investment experience, including co-founding two companies of his own, StudentSpace (Acquired by @Properties) and SwiftIQ. He has been instrumental in building the Pritzker Group Venture Fellows program and grow its presence in New York and Los Angeles. Gabe has been named to LA’s NextGen10, Chicago Crain’s Tech50, and Techweek’s Tech100. He holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from Washington University in St. Louis, an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law.


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