Modern Insurance, Modern Solutions: Snapsheet and Hippo Partner to Deliver a Seamless and Efficient Claims Process for Homeowners

May 7, 2024

CHICAGO, IL [May 7th, 2024] – Snapsheet, a pioneer in cloud-based claims management software and virtual appraisals, announced today it is partnering with Hippo, the home insurance group focused on proactive home protection, to enhance the claims experience for homeowners.

The partnership between Snapsheet and Hippo signifies a commitment to leveraging technology to deliver a seamless and efficient claims process for homeowners. Snapsheet’s cloud-based API software streamlines claims handling and accelerates payment processing, enhancing the customer experience.

“By harnessing Snapsheet’s innovative technology, we are empowering our claims team to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers with increased efficiency,”

-Peter Piotrowski

Chief Claims Officer, Hippo Insurance Services

Snapsheet provides Hippo a centralized system and single source of truth for claims operations. With Hippo’s technical expertise and Snapsheet’s API suite, tens of thousands of claims were migrated in just a few weeks, showcasing the efficiency of the partnership. This agility allows Hippo to make changes quickly and efficiently, driving speed and results for homeowners.

“We are proud to equip Hippo with a platform that allows them to build a claims operating model for the digital world,” said Brad Weisberg, CEO of Snapsheet. “By leveraging Snapsheet’s claims management software, Hippo can enhance the claims experience for homeowners and drive greater efficiency across their operations.”

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Streamlined claims processing
  • Reduced manual work and administrative tasks
  • Enhanced efficiency for claims operations

Leading the way in modernizing homeowners insurance through innovative integration, this collaboration establishes a new industry standard, positioned to enhance efficiency for policyholders and fundamentally transform the claims experience.

About Snapsheet:

Snapsheet ignited the virtual appraisals revolution and is a leader in claims management technology. Built on a foundation of claims innovation, Snapsheet boasts a swift digital insurance claims process primarily for auto, property, and commercial lines in the United States. Collaborating with over 140 partners, including many of the largest insurance carriers, TPAs, MGAs, and insurtechs, Snapsheet streamlines claims, appraisals, and payment processes through advanced technology. Learn more at

For media inquiries, please contact:

Tom Sorce

Head of Marketing, Snapsheet



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