Entrepreneur First

We know what you’re doing is really hard. We’re here for you. We listen and care. We are knowledgeable about your industry and are responsive to your needs. We roll up our sleeves and help you solve problems. We strive to be your first call.

Flexible Capital

We are aligned with you, philosophically and structurally. As an evergreen fund, we take the patient, long-term view of maximizing value.

Unlike most VCs, we don’t use limited partnerships that all too often lead to artificial timeframes for exiting an investment. Because we don’t need to raise capital, our knowledgeable, experienced team focuses its energies solely on supporting entrepreneurs.

Market Influence and Knowledge

We have a knowledgeable, accessible team with 20 years of success in the venture business. We also have a wide array of resources to help you successfully scale your startup - when we call a Fortune 500 CEO, they pick up the phone.

Our Commitment to You

Dedicated and Responsive

We are dedicated and responsive to helping you solve problems.

Genuine and Humble

We act with genuine humility, knowing it’s not about us—it’s about you.

Focused and Knowledgeable

We are knowledgeable partners in our sectors and can offer thoughtful perspectives to you when you need it.

Rational and Supportive

We are empathetic, rational partners with a flexible capital base designed to support you and your business for the long run.


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