Investment Themes

Investment Focus


PGVC has deep experience investing in early stage marketplaces and helping them achieve scale. While marketplaces are harder to build in the near-term, once they achieve a certain level of scale and liquidity they create a flywheel for growth and true competitive moat. These companies often represent category defining businesses and some of the biggest venture outcomes. Some of our marketplace investments include SMS Assist, G2 Crowd, TicketsNow, Backlot Cars, Spothero, Cameo, HopSkipDrive and Coinbase.

Vertical SaaS

We believe there’s never been a better time to build industry-specific SaaS, and we have a special passion for industries that have historically been slow to adopt technology. Fundamentally, millennials are a greater proportion of business buyers, COVID accelerated technology adoption, and data & APIs are increasingly available across industries. Some of our vertical SaaS investments include Specright, Apprentice, Plus One, Augmentir, Augury, Freightwaves, HqO, P44, VTS, Mapbox, Tock, and Upserve.

Pritzker Investments

Our sweet spot is Series A although we will strategically invest in seed. Our approach allows us to help shape and fuel a company’s growth throughout its lifecycle.

Seed Stage

Our seed investment strategy enables us to partner with successful, serial entrepreneurs who are working on their next big ideas in our key focus areas and geographies. Our seed stage investment check size ranges from $500K to $1M per opportunity and we prefer to invest alongside a syndicate lead.

Series A

Our early stage investment strategy is the core of our business – we look for highly experienced founding teams with businesses that have demonstrated product-market fit.

Follow On

Our follow-on investment strategy allows us to opportunistically invest in established companies seeking expansion capital to scale revenue.


We invest nationwide in pursuit of our theme. We have a wide array of resources, such as strong ties to Fortune 1000 companies, to help you successfully scale your startup.


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